Thoughts on Puzzle 39: Programming Ambiguities

If I understand correctly, yes. Say going across the words are goats and grits, if there is a section connecting to the first letter going down and the last letter going up, the first letter of the left section would be g and the last letter of the right section would be s.

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Wordhippo has an awesome crossword solver that is very helpful here:

Use * for letters you don’t know yet. It will give you a list of candidates. Then you can check them for consistency with the other requirements. :wink:

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Thanks for this bit of info, I had jumped ship and gave up. Now knowing I have more time makes me very happy!

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Solved it yesterday in about an hour and a half.

I used this website to help me:

In the category “at position” you can type the letters that you already have, and it will give you a list of all the words containing those letters at this very specific place :blush:


I put in the correct answer but it said it was incorrect. I know it was right because it’s now in the list of my correctly submitted answers. Is there anything I can do about this or is it just no email for me this time?

If you sure your answer is correct, try to switch to incognito mode and resubmit it.

i have not been getting email for last 4 puzzles. but when i try to submit the answer again with same information it tells me that i have already complied it, so I’m guessing your fine. A lot of people have been saying that they e-mail confirmation randomly stops working than starts working again later on. IDK

There’s a list of correctly submitted answers? Where can I find them?

Well I managed to solve the crossword in a way where every word is indeed a word, and it spelled a short phrase with 4 words that doesn’t seem to be a commonly used phrase, and my answer was wrong… I guess there are multiple ways to solve the crossword then?

Edit: I just realized… and it’s just… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

there are some instances where multiple words will fit but for the most of the part it uses more common word that people would know without looking them up.

That’s good advice. This time though, I was entering more than I needed to and now that I’ve realized that, the puzzle has expired. These last few puzzles have not been as cleanly formed as the previous ones. They have too much room for other possible answers and their write-ups have been confusing or downright misleading. I wonder if they’re being written by someone else.

Anyway, congratulations on your win (if that was you) and thanks for offering your help

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Yes this puzzle had multiple correct solutions, which made it more difficult to get the final answer. Also, the sequence for “Left to right, top to bottom” was confusing as the letters were not all on same lines. The posts from guyash and matej helped with that.