Thoughts on Puzzle 39: Programming Ambiguities

Could there be a mistake on the long MP/SH one in the middle? There’s nothing I can fit in there, but everything else is on point :thinking:

I think you should try getting as much letters as possible from other words, then fill in one of the two options and check in a dictionary if the other word exists. It wasn’t something I would’ve come up with by myself either, luckily it doesn’t have a yellow spot so it’s not really that important anyway.

I agree, switches to a script as well, gotta love the regex for doing the work for you.

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The print version makes it look like a 9 letter word when it is really a 7 letter word. This too was my last word. Despite not impacting the final answer, I enjoy completing the puzzles.

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Ohhh yes, good call! That was indeed my problem, thank you

yes its left to right and top to bottom

I reached the solution to this one fairly easily, without completing the whole grid. I feel for those for whom English isn’t a first language though, as there are some relatively unusual words in there. I’ll fill in the rest of the grid for completion’s sake though…

EDIT: My grid is complete!

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Yeah, i’ve had to narrow down to some odd words for sure, at the wonderful point where I have two words left and nothing fits, so assume I’ve gone wrong somewhere :sweat_smile:

Out of curiosity, which bulbs are the two words connected to?

Actually, it is 3! the /E & Y/X is the only highlighted I don’t have, the world to its left and below it are the ones I’m having issue with, but I assume it’s due to having a wrong word somewhere.

Just collated the letters and solved, but yeah, more than one word seems to be wrong, maybe one for later!

Ok, the most dubious word on the whole grid (imho) is one of the words for the MP/SH which goes through the start of the one you mention. The words you’re missing aren’t all that unusual though.

Ohhh…no wonder I couldn’t make a word fit there. Thanks for pointing that out

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There is a problem with the print version. It shows the MP/SH (middle of the puzzle) as 9 letter word, when in fact it is 7 letter word. Do not trust the print version!
@Drew @PuzzleMaster

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Thank you so much for this! It really helped.

Got some of the words wrong but still figured out the correct solution. I then backtracked to fix the grid and now it’s complete. It was mostly brute force, but I really enjoyed this puzzle!

I found the _N/LS one to contain words I didn’t know existed! :sweat_smile:

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where there is a bulb with a yellow option. Does that mean the word length can vary by 1?

for example, the 2Y/EX bulb. Does this mean the word choice can be…

  1. a 7 letter word with ‘Y’ as the 4th letter
  2. an 8 letter word with ‘EX’ as 4th & 5th letters?

is that right?

the yellow field is where you take your solution letter from. So this means the word choice will be two 8 letter words with the first one having an (so far unknown) 4th letter and a ‘Y’ as the fifth letter and the second word with ‘EX’ as 4th & 5th letter

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Finally resolved the whole puzzle. Brute force using a dictionary is the only way to resolve this.

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It took me a long time, but finally I was able to solve it… :woozy_face: