Thoughts on Puzzle 39: Programming Ambiguities

Made a thread so you all can provide your thoughts.


I don’t understand…are all of the words supposed to be connected to the next set of squares?

no you read the yellow squares like a book left to right top to bottom.

some of the yellow squares have multiple combinations. so you may need to chose which one best fits the answer

solved it. no confirmation email again

I dont mean for the answer. I mean do all of the letters of one word have to make a word with the others that are connected each way?

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not sure what you are asking but i guess, yes at the place that they intersect they should be identical.

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if you are referring to the bulbs with given letters (3 or 4 letters), those are where you use ether one or the other, they are the difference between two words that share same space.

I’m initially slightly confused by the grid layout… e.g. where the letters YN/PE are at the top, that’s two 4 letter words, -YN- and -PE-? So, it’s basically a standard crossword grid but for the bulbs giving extra words?

Oh btw, the good news for anyone struggling with this one is that you have the whole weekend to solve it!

Just wanted to make sure- when they say “from left to right’ top to bottom”-
they mean this?

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Yes, those are two words, of which first and last letters match.

No, swap your 8 and 9.


Still very confused lol

And are the words supposed to be related to programming or something or what does this puzzle have to do with programming otherwise?
I just can’t really find a starting point.

So that’s a no, got started on some smaller words, but damn do I need a dictionary for this one.

yeah, its a bit odd, wrote a script to show me possibilities for each row and there are so many options for some of them, quite a pain!

I’m progressing, but slowly. I can;t find words that could match the long one with the [ECP] bulge.

Edit: nevermind, i have to learn how to count to 7.

So many ambiguities…

  1. Should the words only be filled left-to-right and top-to-bottom?
  2. Are there only words, or also phrases with multiple words?
  3. Do the words have a common theme?

I’m not sure as I don’t have the correct answer yet.
However from the part that I’ve done:

  1. YES. Left to Right / Top to bottom
  2. PROBABLY: single words
  3. NO: seem to be random category. Few can be connected with programming.

I solved the left half and could already see the answer. I’ll do the other half later.

And yes, it’s left-right top-bottom like a crossword, no theme, no phrases