Thoughts on Puzzle 25 : MIXED SIGNALS

Haven’t solved it yet, I just got the puzzle image. But I think this is another puzzle that can be solved using coding, if your code can look up or refer an English dictionary for every word check. Personally, I think it’d be interesting to do with code. Just my thoughts. See you…

And feel free to share your solving time.:laughing:


This one really frustrates me. I think its especially harder for non-native speakers, as native speakers probably have an easier time identifying words inside this mess.

I tried solving it with coding, but it seems that brute force approach won’t work here as the longer words (I’ll take the edge case, 19 letters) time complexity would be at most O((2^19)^3)), aka O(1.44e17). not realistic for modern computers.


There should be an easier coding approach to this. I don’t know, but most probably there is an easier way.

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You could brute force it the other way, but then you’d have a time complexity of at most O(N^3) where N is the number of words in the dictionary.

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Are you doing it in Python? And how are you accessing a dictionary?

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I am actually doing it in rust, for maximum performance.
I have files containing a dictionary, organized by initial and length, so A1, A2, …, B1, B2

I think that just iterating over them won’t be fast enough; some caching algorithm should be implemented, maybe


Do we know what the minimum length of a word could be?

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I’d assume no less than 2 letters

I don’t think that’s known. But we know that three words are parts of a triplet, like EAR, NOSE, THROAT as said in example.

Just solved it, not easy when English is not our native language. I coded a script to help me, not optimal but it was a good help.


Was able to solve four of them and then figured out the answer from there. Was not easy.

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I think you all maybe over complicating it with coding solutions was a sub 10 minute solve with online resources.


I got the answer after solving 3 clues, but still trying to work on the other six just to complete the puzzle. It’s harder than I thought!

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6 clues solved, still taking forever even though the phrases themselves are very simple once I figure them out.

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Phew, got em all. Coding is actually excessive here.
Not sure if the answer is an actual word, but nine triplets are nine triplets.


Here are some hints (hope it’s not against the rules to give these out).

First letter of line is always a first letter of some word. May seem obvious, but there could be cases, when the extra letter is the first one.
the first letters of three words appear in the same order as they are usually used together. E.g. if the words were ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS - the first letter of the line would be R and could be looking like this: RIPSOCAPCKISESORRS - with an extra I in position 2


Got 8 out of 9 and found answer. 6th still eludes me.

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Same here now, but I’m stuck on the 3rd.

Edit: Just solved them all!

BTW, I used R to semi-brute force. First got oll permutations of 0/1 for the length of the word (so if there is 12 characters there will be 4096 combinations). Then I assumed that no word will be shorter than 3 characters (I was prepared to go to 2 characters). so if there were only 2 or 1 TRUE values, I removed it from the list. If there were length-4 or more then removed as well.

Then for each TRUE picked the acharacter at this position. This gave me all possible words you could make from the original word. Added some rules that it cannot contain some combinations of letters (for example FTM, TMR etc).

Next bit was manual : removed from the list words that didn’t make any sense at all. It was actually easier then expected. On few occasion that was the moment when answer hit me.

Few others I did again some math - possible triplet combinations of words -accepted if only one letter is left. others (overlaps, not enough letters etc) rejected.
Then I browsed through the list and some combination jumped immediately at me.

Few were rather hilarious: Saw Worn Hide, Wave at Elroy. etc

Hope it helps.


Hint: a bit related to puzzle 22.