Thoughts on puzzle 17 (Sports Section)

Has anyone solve this yet?

I am pretty sure I found the correct configurations and the 6 letters answer but it seems like I did something wrong. Even though I don’t think there is any other possible way to follow the instructions and arrange the letters, the /solve page says my answer is wrong.

Just to make sure the puzzle is not at fault here, has anyone else found an answer that is marked as correct?

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I am still trying to place and position the first clue in the larger grid. This puzzle is harder than it looks. And the steps are a bit confusing.
And no, the puzzles they are releasing are never at fault.

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At the moment, I am confused also. I think I have the four 6 letter clues but am not sure what “slide” into the puzzle means because none of the letters line up…


It was quite easy to solve. :slight_smile:
I’m sure you’ll get it.

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I’m pretty sure I’ve solved it because it didn’t seem very hard and everything worked like the instructions implied but my final answer isn’t correct still. Even though it even makes sense and the word seems likely.

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Never mind, I’m not sure if it was my end or the website but it told me it was incorrect so I opened it up on my phone and typed the same answer in and it worked that time.


I still don’t understand what I’m doing wrong.

  1. I found the 4 clues and I’m sure they are right, as 3 of them completely remove all letters from the board and one of them contains only letters already removed.

  2. I found the correct way to remove the words from the grid, by only sliding letters up down left right and on diagonals without sliding over other letters. I am sure the way I did it is the only way to move them because I tried moving them differently and there is no other possible way without moving letters more than once. I even tried sliding letters in straight lines avoiding the grids, in L shape for example, but this feels wrong to do and doesn’t yield anything anyway.

  3. After these steps the extraction doesn’t even yield a real 6 letters word for me. And what’s even more confusing is that there is no real 6 letters word you can get out of the extraction grid based on the relative positions of the clue words. Unless there is some kind of wrapping involved when sliding the letters in the grid? But this makes no sense as the puzzle specifically says scrambled words don’t work, and if we write a wrapped word like say HOCKEY as YHOCKE it’s scrambled and it shouldn’t count.

It just doesn’t make sense. I am sure I got each step correctly but I still can’t finish the puzzle :cry:


I found the instructions on this puzzle to be quite a bit unclear, but I solved it after a few minutes of thinking. Here’s another explanation for those struggling:

You slide each of the letters in the grid as far as you want on a straight line (up/down, left/right, diagonal/anti-diagonal), until one of the clued word appears in a straight line on the grid. You can do this with all the clued words, except one. The letters of this leftover word are part of the other words. Now mark in the grid where you have previously slid these letters to form the other clued words. Look at these positions in the extraction grid to find the solution.

@0Smile Maybe the above will help you. I think the last four sentences will help you solve it.


That is exactly what I did. I still get an incorrect answer when I submit it.

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I think that one is the 1st clue, right?

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Another thing that I think was a bit misleading is the phrasing “Starting with one of the clued words, slide each of its letters…” which I read as “Only move the letters of the word”. But you also have to move other letters out of the way, too.
Anyway, I could form the words and got a solution which was the right :partying_face:

I am stuck in a similar way, I actually only found 3 clues I think, I managed to remove all the letters sliding them but I think i have the 4th clue wrong, I can’t figure out the hockey or soccer defender I think because the word i found doesn’t make sense :d it’s kind of frustrating because I know I got everything correct but i’m missing an element cause I don’t like sports :d

You don’t need to slide other letters away. I did the removing by only moving the letters of the word that I was going to remove in that step, if it makes sense. I’m guessing you removed the words in a different order, but we more or less got the same result in the end. Except mine is incorrect :rofl:

I don’t follow sports either but you don’t need to in order to find the answer. You can find it on the internet

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Your assumption that YHOCKE is not a correct way to build the words is correct.

You have to move letters not belonging to the clue word you are trying to form out of the way.

The grid “resets” after you formed every clue word.

You have to extract the letters in the right order and yes it is a 6 letter word.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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If I did not slide the other letters out of the way, it was not possible for me to only move each letter once in a straight line. :man_shrugging:

Yea I guess it makes sense. I can do it this way too but the idea is we both get the same final placements for each clue word. There is only one way to slide the letters and get the clue words each in a line. If you try any other way you get letters stuck and need at least 2 moves to slide them in the correct places.
I did all this. Slid every letter only once and in their only valid positions, however I get the wrong final answer.

No you can definitely do this without moving letters out of the way. One of the clue words doesn’t need any other letters to move out of the way you do the slidings. After this first word is correctly positioned in a line you remove it as per the instructions. The next word then “unlocks” the last one.

It is definitely possible to move letters from only one word at a time without using more than one move and get the right solution.

For the last step, make sure to use the final position of the words to get the key for the extraction grid. If that fails, maybe your solution for the “final” clued-word is wrong.

@0Smile So you should have one clued word left over and have the positions of the other words with their letters in a straight line. Now what is the first letter of the leftover word and where is it positioned as part of the other words in the grid. (Not the original position of the letters, but the position you slid them to.) Now check the same position in the extraction grid. This is the first letter of the solution.

I don’t think I can explain it any clearer without spoiling part of the solution.

@MusaddiqueAli Yes, I just didn’t want to spoil that :slight_smile: