Tips on how to do the puzzle 17

I have a few tips for yall on how to beat this monster:

  1. First you need to solve the clues - you can google these lol its the easy part.
  2. You need to remove the words from large grid - I used a scrabble board to make it easier. IMPORTANT NOTE - the clues are not written in subsequent way - you need to figure out yourself which word to take out first.
  3. The hard part was removing the first word - small tip - the first and last letter must be on the edge of board because if it was in middle you wouldnt be able to form a word on 6x6 grid
  4. You remove the word by sliding EVERY letter of the word you are trying to remove and NO other letters. Also letters can be slided through more than one tile in a move and each letter is moved once.
  5. Another tip - if you look at your clues you solved earlier - one of them has letters that all the other 3 clue words have, and other 3 clue words doesnt share a single letter - the word that has shared letters must be the last word as if you remove it beofre you will not be able to remove other words as the letters are missing.
  6. So basically you solve the clues - remove 3 of them from the board by sliding letters in grid (use scrabble game if you have) (it is possible but finding first word was very tricky because you dont know which word you need to remove and it was hard to find the sliding order)DONT FORGET TO NOTE ON PAPER WHERE THE LETTERS WERE WHEN YOU REMVED THEM. Then you take the last clue word and look where this words letters are on the paper where you wrote in which tiles you removed the letters. Then look in extraction grid and change these letters with the ones in the grid and you should get the answer.
    Hope this helps its a confusing puzzle.

If you have any questions dont hesitate to ask. I cant help with the puzzle itself but I might or might not have posted the answer somewhere in the web.

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Thank you for.the tips , Do you know where we can find the new puzzles ? :smiley:

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I know you say looking up the clues is a easy one but im having serious trouble with the surfboard one, any help?

i knew i was missing something in the instructions - an assumption i was making that was wrong. thank you!

Same, I didn’t quite catch the sliding part until I read this, helped greatly and then took 5 minutes to finish, almost disappointed now :sweat_smile:

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How lol? Im super stuck on figuring how to slide this last letter. I figured out what the fourth clue answer is im pretty sure but i cant get it to work in the sliding part

Hey! I’m trying to do the puzzle and I’m not exactly sure what you mean by sliding every letter of the word and no other letters. Does that mean, for example, if the word was TENNIS and the boxes were like ??S??? (The ?'s are empty spaces), I would be able to move the S so I can turn it into TENNIS?

Ill probably come back here if im still confused, but thank you for now!

This word can also be used when talking about removing hair

You need to slide them in correct order as well sometimes if you slide one letter you cant slide another letter anymore

If the word was tennis you would need to move the letters t, e n, n, i and s. Every letter only moves once and makes a word.

Is the word scrambled and we have to unscramble it? Or are the letters in the order we took them out and that forms the word?

The word is scattered all over the board. You need to slide each letter only once to make a word