Thoughts on puzzle 18 (Colorful Language)

Can someone please explain, in different words, what exactly the steps are asking for.
I have read that paragraph far too many times, and I still don’t understand it.

Edit: Solved, thanks for all the help!

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I an also confused by the purpose of colorful and colorless words


Colorful means all the colors including cells with black as well because technically saying, black is also a color. So first, try to fill the “colorful words” in the same row as they are, disregarding whatever colors are in that row. At the same time, check for any of the “colorless words” within the “colorful words” you just found. “Colorless” means the black cells only.

Edit: Solved it just now, even though I couldn’t figure out the clue word for “Trash or leftover scraps…”

Edit 2: Okay, just found the clue word for “Trash or leftover scraps…” from an online Scrabble word finder, never heard that word before. It also has one word from “colorless words” clues.


Yes, that’s exactly what is required :relaxed: It worked for me


Same here.

Not too difficult to solve but I am really admirative of how this puzzle was created. Nice work!


Solved, not too hard, but I couldn’t figure it out at the begging what colorless means.
And I wasn’t sure that the solution was that word, a bit weird one.

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I may be underestimating the @PuzzleMaster team, but I think they are taking these puzzles out of a puzzle book or a set of puzzle books that we don’t know of. Or probably, if they are actually creating these from scratch, they might have access to maybe a “Puzzle Engine” like a Game Engine which lets them create a puzzle by reverse engineering starting from just the solution word. JUST A WILD GUESS.
@PuzzleMaster, feel free to correct me.


What should we do with the colorless word? I didn’t use them to solve the puzzle


They are just for a better conclusion, you may not need them if you have guessed the words for “colorful words” correctly.

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Solved :white_check_mark:
Thanks for the clarifications again.

I also struggled with the “trash …” hint ^^

One Tip(if you are really struggeling) which was basically already mentioned:
If you aren’t sure which word could be the solution for a “colorful” hint, you can look at the Black tiles and see if it is a word / even makes sense.
Using this method you will still find multiple matching words, but you can narrow it down.

When we are solving for the final 5 letter word is it scrambled? I’m not sure i have the scraps hint right but ive figured out the others and the missing letters to where i thought i could guess the last missing letter by going through the alphabet and it still doesn’t work?

No, they are not scrambled. The final 5-letter (missing letters) word reads serially from all five colors from top to bottom. The word for the “scraps” hint is where you get the 3rd letter of the solution.

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I really need help with the trash clue do you have any time for me

Try searching for synonyms.
It may be of help to fill some black boxes when you can’t find the word immediately.
Keep track of the colorless words when you’re in doubt.

jajaja same as you, I was 100% sure that the four letters that I have will be enough to enter the code without the 3rd word, as It remains just one letter that I can guess clearly. Seems like something is failing for us. Tomorrow I’ll double check everything.

I was able to figure it out and it actually was a word i guessed before i believe it will tell you its incorrect even if it isn’t if you have done multiple failed guesses in a row because they really want you to figure it out i doubted my answers even though they made sense and were correct the trash one was my only incorrect word and it is indeed a word i had never heard before

Late to the party! These puzzles are a great! I thought Hack the Galaxy was purely about coding, so I’d put off investigating deeper.

A good mix of general knowledge and clues, but you don’t need to know everything to spot the patterns and fill in the gaps to get the answers that you need and what you don’t know often ends up enlightening you when you do solve it. :+1:


I figured out the word without having to fully solve the puzzle. Just did the first, fourth, and fifth letters. While the answer IS related to art, I thought it was a tool or a type of art style at first. I facepalmed when I realized what it was.

I’ve figured out most of the colorful words and they match the colorless clues, however when I try to search for a word containing the colored letters I can’t find any.

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Why is there a XXX character in the printable version of the colorless words (“What to do ' against the dying of the light”)?