Thoughts on Puzzle 34: Soft Landing

I know this puzzle is supposed to be “easy”, but I got stuck after the second clue. Did you manage to solve it?


Same here for now, but at least this time I understand what I’m supposed to be doing :sweat_smile:

Let’s see how it goes after I make my coffee.


Ok, now I’ve solved it. It is pretty easy, just give it a go with all the possibilities and see which could fit the clue after & then repeat

I’m stuck at the second clue too. I tried with 5 words but apparently none of them is the right one :woman_shrugging:

Edit: one of the word could work, but with that one the third clue is… weird?

same here.

Initial was easy (I did overthing it initially).
Then the “perhaps” - no problem. got answer
Then I got to “Dark”: I have the clue, but I’m strugling to find answer that would fit the next (“Ca_”) clue.

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Yeah, the third one is a bit tricky, not gonna lie. The phrasing is somewhat misleading. Try breaking the clue down or focusing on different parts of it and it might make more sense

I still have no clue (pun intended).

I tried a variety of answers and nothing matches. I can’t give any clues but I did try even things like KITT. I’m starting to doubt myself with second answer now.

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stuck at the second clue,
are all the letters of the previous clue answer included in the next clue or only part of them

also stuck at the 3rd one, solved the 2nd and got a clue with 4 words that doesnt make any sense is it like a cryptic crossword clue?
i dont get it…

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I’m not having much joy yet with this one either. There seems only one obvious answer to the first clue, which fits the second. However I’ve found two possible answers to the second clue which could fit with the third clue. One gives a four word clue, the other three words. Then I have a possible answer to clue three which could fit with clue four but is extremely unlikely to be correct. Then I run out of road… I’ve even tried figuring out later clues and working backwards but nothing useful so far. I guess I’m missing something painfully obvious.

EDIT: I figured out the solution after sussing out later clues… going back to fill in the gaps now.


I’ve come up with a full SIX possible completions for clue 3 based on answers for clue 2, and none of them make any sense. Any suggestions how to go about this part of the puzzle?

I would be correct to assume the third clue is at least three words because the way it is formatted right?


Ok, I’ve now completed the whole puzzle.
The third clue is three words.
I actually solved the puzzle by figuring out clue 8 (i.e. what fills in the blanks in Dea_'s foe…), by thinking of a word (US spelling) which slotted into that gap. After that, all of the subsequent clues/words were easy and I figured out the puzzle solution, as I had most of the letters by then.
Then filling in the remaining gaps between clues 3 - 6 was a piece of cake.


That was a fun one. Loved the refrences!

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are all of the answer word consist of 7 or less letters and a single word? that is what it says in the instructions lol. Or am I reading it wrong?

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Can anyone offer if clue 8 is one word or two?

This puzzle was tough for me.
I had a lot of trouble with picking the answer to #2. Instead, I stumbled onto #10 and then worked backwards from there.
#8 is just one word.
Good luck, everyone.

I feel bad for not even figuring the first clue. I have something that could fit but it doesn’t make much sense…

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So far this puzzle gave me the most problems. I think this will be first puzzle I will not solve.

I understand that some of you were good enough to find the “Dea_'s” clue and work your way backward. As the previous answer will be the whole 7 characters long, I’m assuming that it will be more than one word. Sadly I can’t figure it out.

I’m going to have nightmares about this one :wink:

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You’re right - the answer to 7 is a single 7-letter word. In clue 8 Dea_'s is two words, once you slot the 7-letter word into the gap. As I hinted before, the inserted word has US spelling (i.e. in UK English it would be spelled slightly differently).
Also, as literary references go, clue 8 is pretty mainstream.

EDIT: Dea_'s is two words, not one as I thought… and I’ve read the ‘literature’ in question :rofl: