Thoughts on Puzzle 37: Tidying Up

Any thoughts on this one, I manage to complete 3 columns and 1 more square, and now I am at a stand-still. I managed to determine which number has the correctly spelled word (between sets of numbers).

finished the puzzle, I was also stuck with three columns, guessed one of the squares near by that had only 2 possible options and received a valid solution
but can’t extract the solution from it
maybe there are multiple solutions that are valid

I also had three columns and one square and figured out the answer from there. Once I got it, I solved the rest. Took me awhile :sweat_smile:

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After your 3 + 1, trying working on the opposite side of the puzzle you were previously doing. I was fixed on solving one side first before the other and kept getting stuck. Once I switched, it was as if something clicked.

Got there by picking one out of 2 possible options. Don’t be afraid of the left side if you get stuck, writing down all possibilities and then trying one might get you there very fast.


For me this was a puzzle where brute forcing it was easier/faster than actually trying the puzzle

Same. After struggling for an hour, stuck on 3 columns, I coded up a brute force approach in 10 mins. I’ve noticed that the ‘harder’ problems have design flaws that make them especially weak to brute force attacks.


To be clearer, but without spoiling, this challenge has a problem with both the design and the chosen solution which means you can arrive at the solution without actually having to even solve the grid and therefore you can even avoid having to backtrack.

In the result I found two valid words, however one is much more common.

Same for me, solved by coding after I wrote out options for remaining columns after solving the three obvious ones. There were just too many. IMHO backtracking is something humans should never ever have to do. Computers are however very good at it, this one ran only a fraction of a second.

I listed out all possible solutions and found nothing “obvious” that was accepted, so guess brute forcing the grid is next!

I solved the puzzle first, then checked the words. Initial approach as everyone else, then picked one of few possibile numbers and tried to solve the rest, Rinse, repeat.

I finally solved it, built a code to run through all 2 billion possible iterations after finding the 3 column and 1 space.

hah, nice!

Which columns are people finding as being irrefutable once filled in? I’m seeing multiple options on all of them really

Argh, stuck. I have one column filled in but the rule about possible column duplicates is making it difficult for me to narrow down other columns.

Only have one column as well. Have narrowed some boxes down to three possible numbers, but am pretty stuck after that.

I think I might be misunderstanding something, because I have already solved the grid
and also brute forced it but none of the answers are excepted -
the left column of the extraction grid corelates to the 0’s, the one next to that to the 1’s
Is there any tweak on the input (spaces, caps lock)?

No, I think you misunderstand how the extraction works. Once you’ve solved the number grid, look for the position of the zeroes on that grid and match with the letters in the corresponding positions on the extraction grid. Then do the same for 1s, 2s etc.

I just had a breakthrough and now have 3+1 columns like others… keep trying!

I can’t believe this!!
my solution to the grid was correct.
just didn’t understand the extraction. now I got it and got the solution

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Yup, now up to 3+1 as well. I feel like I’m close, but yet still pretty far lol.