Thoughts on Puzzle 33: Connectivity Test

Alright, is there a bug on the website or am I missing something. Like, I have an answer that makes complete sense, but it doesn’t apply. Could it be a false lead?


I have the same problem. Has anyone here solved it already?

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I found the answer but can’t put it in solve box.
Removed punctuation

Are these words allowed to be put in backwards or something?

I don’t like this “At first, it may not look like everything will fit”. So you are telling me, that I can put EVERY phrase from the list into this grid without conflicts?
And if I do that, like, normally, just to fit the grid, I’ll get the wrong answer?

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I wonder if there are two answers to get from this…

And honestly some of these words are too long!! What do they mean “everything can fit” sobs

Riding off of this… there is an error with Puzzle 33

The instructions say “remove punctuation”, but the solution just keyed in for me when I entered punctuation.

Until the devs fix the puzzle, just enter your solution in different ways until it keys in for you :slight_smile:


My god, yeah, like everything about providing an answer is messed up a bit XD Thanks for pointing that out

I’m 100% sure I know solution but keeps saying I’m wrong .

Yes there is definitely an error. No spaces, yes punctuation. Dunno if spaces are considered punctuation but ¯_(ツ)_/¯


there is a mistake in the solution-entering, best wait until devs fix it, but yes, what abusta said above me!

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So you guys got it to work??

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Yes, but I think it was because of an error in the instructions or the password slot :slight_smile:

No for spaces, yes for punctuation. Easiest puzzle so far. For some reason no confirmation e-mail saying that i solved it.


The hint is very misleading. You actually have to add an ’ (apostrophe) to one of the words for it to work.

Yep, I had the same problem as everyone in the comments. Same fix worked for me too: no spaces, but include punctuation.

You saved me a lot of stress

The apostrophe, no spaces doesn’t work for me but I assume I must have the right answer as it’s very apt, unless there are multiple solutions that fit into the grid?

You’re right about the submission format for the solution. However, I HAVE received a confirmation email.

Hi ! Someone can explain or give a hint how to solve this one ? I absolutely don’t understand what I need to do.
(Non-native english, so I use translator everytime for information)

I supposed that we need to combine two phrases and guess one word to put ibto the grid. But it seems to be totally not that…

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