Problems with submitting answer on Puzzle 33

I found the answer but I can’t manage to submit it. I’ve tried with and without punctuation, with and without spaces, nothing works. I get a 404 error and failure.

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I’m having the same issue.

Same here.
I found an answer, which I am 95% sure is correct, but the submission page says it’s incorrect.

Same issue here.
@McKay_Duffin could you please check if correct answer can be entered?

I have successfully submitted the answer, at the third attempt.
The instructions for submitting are incorrect:
‘drop any punctuation when entering the solution’.


Indeed, you need to enter the solution WITH additional punctuation, but no spaces. Now it worked.

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Yes, no spaces and add the punctuation and you can enter in the answer. :slight_smile:


Hey all, thanks for solving this! Our web team will be updating the image in the puzzle later today but I will go in and add some language and link to the solution found here. :pray:

Well solved it, not quite sure what the rhyme or reason was 100%

I think some solved this without discovering the intended solving method (i.e. the dual significance of the bird symbols). It’s one of the weaker puzzles, I think, as it seems it can be solved fairly easily by trial and error.

Didnt work for me ;(
I tried all possible combinations . Even different ’ -s and different devices.

I am lost :frowning:

I think I’m one of those people that didn’t get the dual significance of the birds that you’re talking about. I did solve it though, do you care to elaborate what you mean (perhaps in private as the puzzle is still ongoing)?

Yeah, I didn’t notice any dual significance. Only a single significance, but there was definitely no trial and error involved. It was straightforward.


I’m still having the same issue, came back to it this morning to see if it made any difference (it didn’t) and I’m still stuck. Unless I’m way off with my answer but I don’t think I will be and I’ve been searching online with these words in case I’m missing something else. Have you had any more luck?

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same here, trying for 2 days im lost

please be more accurate on the solution and how to enter it, im trying for 2 days to enter my solution which is accurate for sure but im still having trouble

Don’t use spaces, use punctuation.

It cannot be clearer than this.

Can someone explain how exactly can you fit longer words into the grid? I’m lost :cry:

Look at those words/phrases which are too long to fit anywhere on the grid. Now look at them more closely. If you look closely enough, you’ll find a way to fit them all in perfectly.

This is brutal.

I’m not certain if the phrases we’re entering are clues for the actual things to enter into the boxes, or if we literally enter the words on the list. I counted 250 individual letters, and only 93 boxes, so either the boxes take multiple letters per box, or we don’t actually enter the exact phrases given into the boxes.

Either way I feel pretty stumped. :upside_down_face: