Thoughts on Mission 3: Meta Puzzle

Last puzzle y’all!!!

I liked it, but the meta puzzles have always been fun :slight_smile: This one wasn’t too tricky once I figured out how to approach it, but I had a good time!

Tip: when entering the answer, include spaces!


This challenge was difficult at first, but then I placed down some helpful markers, and the puzzle became easier and easier. I really wish I joined this contest earlier, and it’s sad to see that this is our last puzzle.

I also think it gone too fast. I was really looking forward to next few hundred puzzles.


I just took 5 minutes and wrote a small script for this one :slight_smile:

Don’t be afraid to brute force this one, there aren’t that many options so it’s very fast.

How important are the answers to 35-41? I wrote them down and put them in a safe spot. So safe I don’t remember where. I guess I get to redo those.
-not looking for hints, just making a joke.

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I solved this one surprisingly easily, given that I didn’t really have a plan… I just fluked the right path at the start and then it all fell into place easily.
I feel bereft now - no more puzzles :sob:
Thank you all for being helpful and for the great community spirit that we’ve fostered throughout this competition.
Good luck all!


Is the answer to the puzzle consists of two 7 words?

The instructions do not explicitly say that. You therefore should NOT assume it.

I don’t think you can do it without them.

happy last puzzle day! it’s been a fun part of my day/ week :slight_smile: good luck everyone


OK folks, I’ve completed metapuzzle 3. What a ride through these last months it’s been. The toughest puzzle for me was the 37 tidying up. I actually completed the number squares with ALL rules in place and got gibberish for all words. I did a small variation which also complied with all rules so there was more than one possible solution. This final Metapuzzle 3 has an interesting relationship outcome with the last eight clue words. I hope everyone enjoyed the challenges of these puzzles and honors to the creators of the puzzles. Thanks for the fun ride!

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It was really fun while it lasted!
Goodbye moonmen


I still cant figure out puzzle 37 and 41 :frowning: . This is making the meta puzzle extra hard. Anyone able to complete the meta puzzle without these 2 words?

Worth trying to solve either way.



Correction, without either of them.[/spoiler]


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I don’t know how one could solve this puzzle the intended way without filling in all the clues - for me they contained essential letters to help logically eliminate impossible paths. And letters around constrained areas are especially useful in the deduction process.

I solved puzzle 41 by looking at the numbers around the + ++ so on, eventually brute forcing it by narrowing down possible letters. Try it again and let me know what you get :slight_smile:

(I already solved everything, I wouldn’t mind telling you if you’re going the right direction as a hint.)

It’s been a really enjoyable ride. I solved all puzzles except the very first one; I can’t believe I have been at it for almost 4 months!
Congrats to the puzzle creators :raised_hands:


Thanks! This helped a lot!