Thoughts on puzzle 17 (Sports Section)

@Milchreis I gues so, but it’s just unlikely… I don’t know…

@ILikeSpace Yea I understand all this. I had no problem following the instructions

The not following sports was actually my downfall with this puzzle. I thought I had the right last clue but it was the wrong one.
For those who are sure they followed the instructions correctly but got a wrong answer I advise trying to double check the first clue. There is more than one word that fits the description and the other letters. You need the right one in order to get the solution.

Thanks everyone for the help!


Do you bring new letters arbitrarily from any empty cells to form the clue words in a straight line or is it possible to work it out from what letters you already have in the grid?

You only use the letters in the grid, no other letters.

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Got the final answer. Thanks to everyone who helped. Tip for who are still struggling: No need to worry about positioning the words in forwards or backwards way. Just see if the letters of the clue words after sliding straight, sit on proper position or not.
Also while sliding, don’t worry about going through other letter, but after sliding one letter after another, the final position/cell shouldn’t be already occupied by any other letter.

This may be silly method but just to make it easy for me, I did this in MS Excel. Recreated the original large grid on a 6x6 grid. Slid one letter of the clue word straight to a new position, deleted the letter from its original position, then same for the 2nd letter of the clue word, and so on. At last, got the clue word on a straight line, then recorded the positions of the letters, and deleted the whole 6-letter clue word. Move on to another clue word.

Just solved it but found the explanaitions extremely confusing.

I thought “You can only slide a letter once, in a single straight line.” Meant that I can move the T one tile up, one tile left for example, but not up or left again.

I solved it in 2 minutes, once I read here that I can move it an unlimeted amount of tiles but only in one direction. God I felt stupid and angry :sweat_smile:

Have a great day and thanks for the clarifications.


This is what got me through it. Thanks a lot :handshake: :raised_hands:

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I still don’t get it? I’ve tried sliding all my words but they never end up in a straight line next to each other. Other letters are blocking my words and i can only move most of my letters around two spaces, they are still too far apart. What am I misunderstanding?

What do you mean when you say the grid resets after each formed clue word? I have 2 possible explanations:

  1. after you form a clue word and remove it, return all remaining letters in the grid to their original positions before any sliding has been done.
  2. after you form a clue word and remove it, the grid you are left with (with all other letters slid) becomes your new starting grid.

I solved it fairly quickly too but I see how it can be confusing! Here’s some tips in case it helps anyone:

  • once you find the four words, check to see which will be your leftover (it’s the one made up of letters from the other words), so you don’t go rearranging things for it;
  • check how far and in which direction you have to move the letters until they are in the right spot for the words they’re in (each letter appears once, meaning it can only be 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc in a word);
  • note which letters are in your way and whether they belong to the word you’re aligning or to another one which you might then want to check first;
  • when you solve that part, remember the first letter of the answer is where the first letter of the clue was; the letters are not necessarily in right-left top-bottom order.

Nothing resets, just get the letters of the clue words on a straight line, which can be diagonal, vertical or horizontal, record the individual letter positions and remove/delete the word. Then move to the next clue word, and do the same. After three clue words, your grid will have no letters left.
The 4th clue word which has letters similar to that of the words you already removed/deleted, for this you just check the positions of the letters which you recorded before and get the new word according to the positions from the Extraction Grid. I hope it’s not confusing.


I also did the mistake of thinking that you slide the letters just one cell or space, that’s it. But that way, it would be impossible to solve this.

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This helped me solve it.
Hint to people who haven’t solved it yet: You have to remove the words in a specific order, otherwise the letters of the previous words will be in your way.
Like someone said before, figure out where the letters will line up first. Then see which word you can rearrange without being blocked.
You can go through the letters of the word you’re currently rearranging, but not the other letters.
After you deleted the word it is gone, the puzzle does not reset, it just gets emptier.


I found the clue words and believe they are correct because they fell into place like a dream using the stated rules. After sliding the letters of the 3 clue words the last clue word had all letters ‘absorbed’ by the other 3. Now the instructions say to use the removed letter location of that clue word from the grid and match it with the extraction grid letter. Yet when I do that I get no sensible word and it’s not the answer. I tried even the original locations of those letters. I can’t believe I have the wrong word. I see others had the same issue yet some have achieved the correct answer.

That was way trickier than I thought, I got the four answers very quickly but focused on the wrong word to start sliding as I thought none of the others would work. Just make sure you try every word even if it seems impossible.


I figured it out. The issue is that there is more than one way to arrange the words/letters within the rules but only one way makes sense in the end.

Hoooow, i just cant understand what are the rules of sliding letters, maybe you can explain ???

Hey, I have the same problem. I got a six-letter word which seems like the answer (it is related to sports so it must be true). I also did everything like they said and it worked perfectly. I don’t get why it says my answer is wrong. Can someone help? Am I allowed to send my wrong answer for confirmation that there is no bug and it is indeed wrong?

Move the letters any direction, you can move them more than one space at a time but only one time.
Look at open spaces first and see which letters can be moved without crossing/jumping other letters. Start by looking at the first letter of the first clue. It must be moved to a new place that the remaining 5 letters can follow. Once you have your first word that word can be removed from the grid making more empty spaces and easier to slide letters for the next word, repeating that procedure.
It can be done, they do line up within the rules and actually one word had two different options and only one lead to the correct translation on the extraction grid.

I’m still confused by the responses. Can I move other letters when I’m trying to build a certain word? Can I move a character freely, or in each direction once?