Thoughts on Puzzle 38: Hidden Messages

Do the words that are used for the hidden words all have to be one after the other?

If I’m understanding the question correctly, yes - the letters of each hidden word all appear consecutively, except for the single extra letter that’s inserted somewhere in the middle.

so far i found 22 hidden words lol. I thought there were suppose to be 12. I guess 12 that are related somehow to each other?

This one was ultra easy, particularly after puzzle 37 which I found difficult.
The 12 words are all related, of a particular theme.

Yes, the instructions specify that there will be a particular theme.

Scanning the text over my morning coffee, I’ve spotted several related words already… This one shouldn’t take too long I hope! Then I’ll have to go back to yesterday’s puzzle, cos I will not be defeated!


Yep, this one was simple. Once you spot one word and have the theme, it is easy.

I got nervous after yesterdays and just started with a script rather than eyeballing, fun little exercise!

got 2 words with the wrong theme and couldn’t find more.
wrote a script and got the right theme, from there it was easy

I was lazy, so I also got the theme and the solution by writing a script.

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I got 11 out of 12 words, but some of these I’ve had to look up because I’m not a native speaker. But now I’m stuck on this last word and based on the letters I have I think I know roughly where to look but I really need this last letter, I can’t seem to guess it.

Funny, but since I’m not a native speaker I had to use a list of related words that I found on wikipedia, after detecting what the topic was… hahaha :crazy_face:

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I found out what the last related word was after determining what the extra letter was. There were only two possible words with those letters for the solution.

The first word I found led me to two possible themes. I solved it in 20 minutes, using Wikipedia to have a full list of the right theme.

Now, I have time to try to solve the two previous puzzles again :grin: :sob:

I was prepared with a wikipedia list too, but still couldn’t get past the first word… So then I manually wrote out the whole thing in lowercase without spaces or punctuation and realised real quick I had the wrong theme :sweat_smile:

I may carry on with my life now.

Instead of writing it down manually, next time try some online OCR engine.
For example, I used this one:
Just upload a picture (preferably cropped to the text only) and it gives the output in text.

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Thank you, I could’ve also coded it myself, but in this case I needed to go over it manually to see things, because I was too focused on a wrong theme :smiling_face_with_tear:

so far i found 25 words some related to a them other to each other. still trying to figure out the puzzle

enjoyed this one, took a bit of time but was satisfying :slight_smile: good luck!

I have the theme and I have 10 confirmed words… but the last two make up something i don’t understand