Thoughts on Puzzle 38: Hidden Messages

Keep in mind that there are only 12 words with a common theme :slight_smile:

I’m sorry y’all, my brain is a bit fried today. I had a death in the family and I’m not thinking straight. I deleted the post but it’s still showing older versions for me and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong :sob:

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s’ok, the uberhint is gone now I think! :rofl:
Oh, and I’m sorry to hear your news. I hope you’re ok.

finally go it lol. 30 or so words that i could find and it seems like there maybe another them going on that could envelop the theme you are actually looking for.

Did anybody have trouble entering the solution?

Mine went in easily on the first try.

Look at your answer carefully. =)

Unrelated, does anyone know what the new puzzle release schedule is?

I got thrown by Sunday and Tuesday having their own puzzles, and I want to make sure I don’t miss any more opportunities to enter solutions.

If you use the Chrome browser, it has an integrated OCR: right click on the picture and choose “Google Lens”.
I did this for this puzzle to extract the text, I just had to crop the picture to the text to focus its attention.

Fun fact: it also has an option to translate the text, or “say” the text (text-to-speech).
I tried this, and it started saying “puzzle 36 puzzle 36 puzzle 36 …” for a long time :rofl:

I am now waiting for the option “solve the puzzle” :robot: