Thoughts on Puzzle 36: Poetry Break

I solved the 4 riddles with answers that perfectly fit the poem but I’m unable to turn the answer in. Is there anyone to contact to make sure it is not any network/server issue?


Only solved 3 riddles and guessed the answer correctly. Thanks for the help!

The answer is in fact a real word.

Nvm, all good! Fixed something!

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I can assure you that this puzzle was not devised by them… :zipper_mouth_face:

I don’t know who the puzzle setters for this competition are, or where they get their ideas from but I’m certainly curious.

I think I’m having the same problem. Just wondered how you sorted it? Pretty sure I have the correct answer but can’t submit it :confused:

Edit: Nevermind! Switched my phone internet connection and it worked.

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I have the first three letters, and unless I misread the rules, no possible answer works… I see there are more people with the same problem, did any of you manage to solve it?

EDIT: Just figured it out, needed to think a bit more open-minded

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They are David Kwong and Dave Shukan. See Thoughts on Puzzle 26 : NUMBERS GAME - #105 by MusaddiqueAli

Although apparently in this case they only did copy paste. :laughing: :sweat_smile:

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Thought I had 3 of them but nothing worked… would love to know the answer

Remind me after the metapuzzle and I will give you the answer.

Try a different device. My submissions don’t work from my mobile, but never any trouble from the desktop or laptop.

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Thanks !
But why would it be that way?

Shouldn’t the submission page be easy to design and easy to get it to work?

I understand your frustration. That is a very good question.