Thoughts on Puzzle 36: Poetry Break

Curiously, I arrived at the correct solution very quickly but my answer to the final poem only fits if I take the letter from the amended word rather than the initial replacement word (as the rules dictate). The answer makes perfect sense in the context of the poem but I guess there must be a different answer which I can’t think of?

EDIT: I slightly misread the rules :roll_eyes:

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You are correct. Please pay attention to the final list of words of which you check replacement. It is not CHIANTI replacement but CHANT replacement.


Still trying to make my head comprehend that the answers aren’t going to fit the rhyme

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ah, when it clicks it clicks!


Same. My brain absolutely wants the answers to rhyme with the poem haha

When done, take the first letters of the replacements for FLEET, TWEETS, SCRUB, and CHANT in order to get the answer to this puzzle.

So only the first letter of the replacement words?

Yes, you will end up with a 4-letter solution.

I wonder if there are some false positives. I have first three but no correct word appears out of them, and I can’t think of different words.

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For now, I haven’t found anything. I have a funny answer for the second clue, but I don’t think it’s the right one :woman_shrugging:

It’s a quirky puzzle but pretty straightforward - it should click into place with a little persistence. All pairs of words make sense in the context of their poems.

Got the first one! took me half a day
now I have only 200 options for the solution

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I’m am unable to turn the answer in, anyone else having issues atm?

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For the first poem, internal letter means it won’t be the first of last letter removed, right?

Yes, correct. It is not the first nor the last letter.

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got the 3rd one too
hoping I finish in time

Just got the answer, had the second and third one from last night. Worked on the first one for a bit, answer clicked, solved the puzzle from there.

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Thank you so much!!!

Why is there a 20 character minimum requirement for messages, like I just want to thank someone.

same for me…

The answers to 1-3 feel just right :smiley: but why wont they accept any four letter word with these ?..

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unless I am very mistaken with my answers

Can anyone confirm that the answer is a real word?