Thoughts on Puzzle 26 : NUMBERS GAME

Thanks for responding! For the record, I’m not suggesting that I expect that a solution with numbers outside the 1 - 9 range would result in an acceptable word materializing, much less the intended one. (And there’s no way they’d expect you to allow and alphaconvert a 0.) I was only wondering whether the board on its own can be satisfactorily completed at all with integers greater than 9 appearing in it.

Hi! Sorry for going off topic…
I’m new. Does anyone know when is the next puzzle released? Or how long does a puzzle stay active?

Hello and welcome! The next one comes out at 12 am GMT on the 18th. That’s about 15 hours after the moment you asked your question. For more details, see the rules, especially the table in section 3, Timing.

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Hi @zygopteran, the board could be satisfied with 0, and with numbers outside 1-9
But ,again , in order to avoid confusion - in this puzzle use only 1-9.

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OK then, thanks a lot!

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Hack the Galaxy Official Rules all dates are in this link :slight_smile:

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Hi, I solved the puzzle and my answer was accepted, but I don’t understand at all how the item is supposed to help you make things fit.
If someone could explain it I’d appreciate it.

What gets me is there is a 17 spot in line with number that I can’t use, so I don’t know.

Deforming, breaking, and/or disintegrating an object can make it easier to fit where it otherwise wouldn’t.

I too tried to use a Kakuro solver online, after reaching a point where logic failed me and despite having used logic to reach this point, I was forced into an impossible position. The online solver got stuck at the same point I did, so is this just bad puzzle creation from the devs, or is there some special constraint that they have for this one (I couldn’t see one in the rules but I might just be blind). I eventually got it through guesswork of the limited letters I had, but during my initial solves, some of these letters were different.

Yeah, I think I found that same website where you build the puzzle and click solve. And it solved the puzzle with some cells having more than one possible digits. Probably, it’s true what someone in one of the comments here said, that there are more than one outcome for this puzzle, but only one of them is correct.

Interesting, for me an online kakuro solver solved everything perfectly, without any multiple possibilities.
Link: Kakuro Solver
(This webpage requires creating a free account, but that shouldn’t be a problem)

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Same with a solver I found. It solved it for 0-9 too.

I don’t know, I’m fairly certain that as I was solving I was only ever entering digits after I knew that they were the only possibility.

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Haha, even I tried to find that, without any success. Probably an actor hired by the ad agency that did this ad campaign for Rapyd.

Imagine that there is a secret prize for finding out his identity.

Okay, I tried to research and came to know that the creators of these Puzzles are not employees of Rapyd (which I previously thought), but some experts in puzzle-making.

Taken from William Shatner Drops Brain Busting Puzzles for Fintech Platform Rapyd Campaign | LBBOnline

I found a list of puzzles from one of the PuzzleMasters, Dave Shukan. In case anyone’s interested.
MIT Mystery Hunt Puzzle Index: Author Data (

The other person from the PuzzleMasters, David Kwong.

@RealGoneKid’s problem cannot have been that there is more than one possible complete solution of the board (if that’s even true). RealGoneKid’s problem is that he – I think that’s the right pronoun; correct me if I’m wrong – got stuck and was unable to find any valid complete solution at all. My guess is essentially that he placed a number somewhere on the board, thinking it was a certainty, when really there was at least one other option for that location. When he then advanced, he ran into “an impossible position”. That’s what I’d bet.