Thoughts on Puzzle 30 : Build-Your-Own-Sudoku

I was wondering about clue number (7) , givens increase in value in rows 5 and 7,
does that mean the first letter of row 7 is bigger than the last letter of row 5? or each row is calculated independently?
share your thoughts :slight_smile:

I’d say it’s for each independently (haven’t solved it yet though)

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They are calculated independently, can confirm as I’ve solved it. Good luck! :+1:

is the answer by any chance in german? or is it two words? IDK seems like i met all requirements solved the Sudoku but not getting coherent answer.
sounds like a name of a Korean horror movie. but when i enter it i get incorrect answer.

I finished it as well. Takes time, but possible to solve.
AlexM: No it is NOT a german word.

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When does this puzzle expire?

Any tips on how to approach the puzzle?

It seems that there are two topics about Thoughts on Puzzle 30… I have already provided some info in the other one.

What I did is I created a table (excel) with numbers 1-9 at the top and given letters on the side. First I took most simple to implemt rules and marked those numbers that cannot be used (due to row number). Once I gone through all rules at least once, I started linking them together. Important two are rule 11 and rule 6. Try to list all combinations and see which results in having correct number of letters. Then check again all other rules.

Rinse, Repeat…

Once you solve all the given values it is juste a regular sudoku.


Yeah, the hardest for me so far and thus the most satisfying after solving it, especially the final run to the end, which was making rule 6 true. I was solving it for two days and I must say, I don’t want to see any sudoku for a while. :smiley:


Too much information to be giving out, methinks


It was a very hard puzzle - and eventually I gave up.
BUT - I was able to find the correct answer nonetheless … I’ll give more details after the puzzle is closed. :smiley:

Find out anything? Nothing is registering. I’m getting so frustrated!!

I gave up the puzzle after trying to solve it 4 times and failing every time. I’m sure some of the numbers I placed are correct, but I can’t figure out where I made a mistake, as I always have the same numbers left when I solve the clues.

I’ll wait for your advices after the puzzle has expired because I still want to solve it :smile:

What do you mean? Where did you get this info? This sudoku keeps sudoku rules. You interpreted this condition incorrectly

So it says letters A-Z but I only see A-X
am I missing something or is it supposed to be 24 letters?

Same… :frowning: I checked everything 3 times and always got the same result, I can’t see where I’m doing it wrong

I agree. I found this puzzle the most difficult of all. Having to review each Given rule and ensure I was interpreting them correctly was key. Had to pause, refresh and try agaib repeatedly. But when it finally clicks it’s golden.

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Yep feel like I’ve lost two days of my life solving this but very satisfying to complete it

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As I said - I was not able to solve the soduko itself.

BUT - each letter in the final answer is derived from a single digit of 1…9 plus some given number. This means that each letter only has a range of 9 specific letters. For example, the first letter is the (alpha-converted) top-left digit + 2. So the minimal letter is ‘C’ (1+2 = 3 → C) and the maximal letter is ‘K’ (9+2 = 11 → K).

Using this insight it’s easy to construct the following regular expression for the code word:

When running this regex on an English dictionary, you get very few hits, and only one of them makes sense. And this is indeed the solution.