Thoughts on Puzzle 30

I haven’t started to solve it yet, but this puzzle seems at the same time simple and difficult haha.
But as a Sudoku lover, I’m sure I’ll have fun solving it.

Did you solve it? How much time it took you?


i posted a new post didnt see yours, about a question i have regarding this puzzle
if you know the answer please help me in my post here


I interpret this as each row calculated independently. So reading from L to R in row 5 the numerical values increase and, independently, the same rule for row 7.
I haven’t yet solved this puzzle though…


Forgive me if I’m being dense but I don’t understand how rule 10 can apply to a conventional Sudoku puzzle.
10) The givens in at least one row sum to 24, and the givens in at least one column sum to 25
In order to sum to 25, the values 9, 9, 7 or 9, 8, 8 would need to appear in a single column. This breaks Sudoku rules…

I’m kind of stuck. The value of F in combination of some other rules always get me error. HAve to start from the scratch.

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There is one column with 4 given values. so it is possible.

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Haha, I was being distinctly unobservant, thanks!

I haven’t solved that clue yet, but I think each row works individually, so the R in row 7 is not necessarily greater than the M in row 5

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The sum of 25 can only be in one column. But from my calculations, there are 7 ways to reach 25 (and maybe more).
And I have 4 rows who can have a sum of 24. But I may have miscalculated…


This puzzle is the hardest of all. And I still don’t understand one thing. What do numbers in main diagonal mean?

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Once you solve the sudoku, you do the plus of that number for each of those places to give you the number to alpha convert, (so if there was a 3 in the top left square for example (first letter), you would do 3 + 2 = 5, alpha convert to get the letter ‘e’.)


Thank you very much!

No problem! YehorS :slight_smile:

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This one is definitely a challenge.
So far I have figured out 3 of the values, I know which row is 24 and I have 2 possible combinations for column 25. I even figured out clues 6 and 11 and how they apply, but I still feel quite far from solving it :smiling_face_with_tear:
Gonna step away now.

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I managed to solve it using brute force from the numbers on the diagonal

I figured out most of the clues, but apparently something went wrong and the same numbers appear too much times in the Sudoku :sweat_smile:

I also tried to brute force it like @S3krt but I have no result yet… I’ll take a break and try again later.

I think this is the most challenging puzzle of the ones I’ve seen. Have gone through the conditions several times and eliminated numbers each time, but have not been able to get any one given locked in yet. Have one letter down to two possible numbers, and one down to three, but that’s as close as I’ve gotten to identifying any of them. Hmmm


Absolutely the hardest one so far by a few orders of magnitude, had to finally write code to brute force the answer, but will go back and try to solve it the normal way


I had to start again, because i assumed all the time that there were 26 letters. But the Y and Z are missing, so there are just 24 letters and this screwed up my calculations.

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You made mistake. Last row should not have 9 as one of given. Anyway i think you should remove this picture, as it gives some clues to the others.