Thoughts on Puzzle 31: Exchange Rate

Can two sets of words have the same change affected to them?

Solved three sets and then somehow just saw the final answer, tried it, and it was right. Man I needed a quick solve after spending 15 hours in sudoku hell this week.


I solved 9/10 clues and got a word but submitting it doesnt work :man_shrugging:

Was your answer a single word?

Yes, a single ten letter word.

Submitting the word was successful, might have been a bug in the system earlier?

Finished it. Didn’t really need all the letters, just two.

Same here. I found the answer with only two clues solved.

I’m really glad that I solved this puzzle quickly after last week’s impossible Sudoku haha (I still haven’t solved it :smiling_face_with_tear:)

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Yep, I’m not enjoying this one so much but I found the correct answer with only 3 clues (sort of) solved. I’ve finished every puzzle so far though, so I’ll have to figure out the rest…

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I’ve got 7/10 letters and I still can’t figure out the answer. Do you have to sort the letters to make a word or you are they in the same order as the sets?

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I ended up getting the beginning and the last letter, as well as another letter (so 3/10), and I decided to take a guess (lucky guess lol)

I am sad that my guess was right; I would have liked to have kept solving the puzzle.

“Take the letter indicated
(before the change)”.

The letters are in the right position already.

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Thanks but I’ve already done that and I still can’t figure it out. I guess I’ve matched the words incorrectly then.

I got 7 answers, I know the theme for HELICAL group, but I didn’t match it with currency.
I have absolutely no clue about BORROW and BUFF groups.

Anyway 7 letters were more than enough to produce right answer.

2 answers was enough for me to bring down the number of possible solutions to 2.
Good, because most of the word groups don’t ring any bells for me.

when i need to aply the changes to the currenceis is just for the underlined words or for all of it. And the i have to do 4 chages or any change i want?

If you stare at them for long enough, eventually they all become apparent. There’s nothing too outlandish in this puzzle.

You find the theme which connects a group and the rule which alters them. Then find a currency which you can alter in the same way to fit with the theme for the group.

for exemple if in the set i had to change the letter o for an a i have to do the same in the currencies and it will make a connection?

I think I have the answer to two sets, but I cannot figure out any of the other ones, been staring at it all day.
I personally found Puzzle 30 easier than this one.