Did I already answer?

I don’t remenber if I submitted the answer for puzzle H. I think I did but if I try to submit a new answer the page lets me do it (And get the congratulations screen) so I’m curious if there is an alternative way to check if something was already submitted.

Thanks @LeandroMel, if you get a congratulations screen, then you absolutely have solved it previously. Right now that is the way to check if you submitted a solution.

Also it seems like folks are responding to your question on submissions here: https://community.rapyd.net/t/are-there-any-specific-dates-for-metapuzzles

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Yeah, just now, I checked this for myself and tried to enter the answer for Puzzle H, it gives me the Congratulations modal box. The same thing happens when I do that for Meta 1 solution. I am a bit confused. I wish there was a way to know all the entries that were made by me. BTW, I have already entered the solutions for Puzzle H and then Meta 1, in order, about 2 days ago.

Thanks @MusaddiqueAli, following up from our message conversation, glad you got both solutions entered! Wahoo! :tada:

As far as tracking past entries, there is currently is not a way that happens automatically. One thing you can do is track each on your own with a spreadsheet from the puzzle Timing table here.

Hi, shortly after solving Puzzle 28 I was trying to submit the solution to Meta Puzzle Mission 2 but on the first try (after failing once without spaces) I got:

You’ve already solved this challenge.
You can only solve each challenge once. Play again after the next challenge drops in the Rapyd developer community.

In a new private window it accepted the solution without trouble. So I guess there might be a bug there.

Edit: found the issue also previously reported in another thread.