I solved today's exercise

But the website told me I already solved it in error. Not sure why, I was logged in at the time.

Can this be due to VPN?

It was fun and took about 20 mins but I want to be sure I get credit!



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I followed the link directly from today’s puzzle and even though it looked the same as my old tab, it worked and I was able to enter my information again.

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So … this is happening to me again after solving today’s puzzle. Is there some kind of timer on the last time I solved? It is very weird because it keeps saying I already solved it. Any ideas?

Also I am logged in as me, and I know I have the right answer because a wrong one returns “incorrect” answer. Please help me understand why the site thinks I solved for today already!?

Yesterday it did this to me, then after asking here I was able to proceed and enter in all my info again for the next entry. As I have read, we have no way to see the tally of past entries, correct?

It worked again - not sure why it failed though - thx!