Meta Puzzle 2 answer submission

Is anyone having trouble submitting the answer for Meta Puzzle 2? When I put in my answer I get a pop up that says I’ve already solved that challenge. Could it be because I put in the answer to puzzle 28 today already?

Yeah, that happened to me also. What you should do is open the solution page in Incognito Mode or a private browsing tab and enter the correct solution again, then it will work.


This happened during the previous Meta puzzle also. Probably a bug.

Thank you, that worked! Yeah I figured it’s probably just checking whether I’ve submitted a correct answer within this puzzle period, not which answer it actually is. Ah, bugs.

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Also mentioned today and ~2 months ago, I guess there wasn’t time to fix it.
The private browsing mode does let you submit, though multiple times too. Hard to tell whether the submission was recorded server-side, we just have to hope it was.