Metapuzzle - where to submit?

Hello all

I was pretty pleased with myself after solving (I think) the Metapuzzle but it turns out I’m not smart enough to figure out where to submit it. I tried following the link, but my answer was not accepted. Granted it might just be wrong, but as a test I tried re-entering the answer to no 28, and that was fine, which leads me to thing that the solution to the Metapuzzle should be entered elsewhere. Can anyone help please?

Thanks! Sorry for the dumb question!

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so what do you mean by that?

Hey I had the same problem, if you use a different device to submit the anwser it should work~ (or if you wait 24 hpurs after you submit the answer to puzzle #28)

Thanks Kaylee, it’s good to know I wasn’t the only one! My answer was accepted in the end.