Will I still be able to enjoy these without being knowledgable in Engineering/APIs/Payment?

So, I found these via a youtube ad. I’m joining pretty late, today’s puzzle, the Arrow Maze, is my first, but I really, really enjoy puzzles like this. Now the guidelines said people interested in Engineering, APIs, and Payment… Thing is, I know next to nothing about these topics. Will I still be able to participate with similar logic/puzzle games, or do I need to get smart on these topics to have a chance? Have previous challenges been similar? Thanks for any input, I appreciate it.


None of the puzzles so far required any knowledge about these topics. They do however often require a certain mindset or algorythmic approach to solving problems but that’s true for puzzles in general. Another thing worth mentioning is that in my opinion the Arrows puzzle is the hardest of all puzzles that ever appeared in this contest. If you want you can check them out - all of the past puzzles are still available as posts on the forum, albeit you won’t gain any points for solving them


Hi! I’ve been participating in the competition since puzzle 12. I have no experience or knowledge in those fields, i just love codes and puzzles. So far, i was able to solve each puzzle i tried, and had a lot of fun. So yes, it so far seems no experience is required.