Puzzle question im new

Im new here im 23 years and joined to have an expierience of a lifetime allthough im utilising my mobile device i joined for the event puzzles and had solved todays within 2 minutes i know the answer and am willing to share the letter in return for any explanation of the application/site and puzzle challenge events they provided 2 hints which made it extremely easy to figure out and i enjoyed it its a simple but complex thinker challenge which causes you to over work your mind into moving letters untill you find the words then retracing your steps for the answer but the hints allow you to skip past that and figure out your letter easily and test this theory by swapping the letters as instructed please help catch me up to speed on what i may have missed and what i should need to know thankyou

First of all, please use periods, commas and capitalized letters, as your comment is quite hard to read.
Furthermore, i didn’t catch what you need help with exactly?


Hello logan! So around 2 times a week their are puzzles that they put out for us to solve, whenever you solve a puzzle your entered into the next “drawing” of a prize

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I’m sorry for the lack of punctuation as I had been in a rush due to a low battery. I will attempt to adjust my post if at all possible to correct these mistakes, thankyou for pointing that out for me.