Share your puzzles

Hi. I always really enjoyed puzzles, but I haven’t solved any lately. If you have any exciting puzzles, please share them with us so that we can try our best and train our brains to make the next Hack the Galaxy puzzle easier :smile:

Edit - I’ve also just found out that you can solve expired Hack the Galaxy puzzles here:

You could certainly partner up with your colleague or make a “team” with others here and solve puzzles, but only one of you would win - so you would have to work out the prize split with your team :slight_smile: Just an idea, not saying you should form a team, but if challenges are hard and you want to work on it with someone that might work.

Thanks for the suggestion, we will explore this idea. We’ve also read about hackathons that you organize and we decided that we definitely would like to join the upcoming one. I wish we found out about Hack the Galaxy sooner.

No worries - we have (2) more virtual hackathons coming up this year and we have only completed one of the three puzzle missions. So you are not late by any means.

I hope it’s not against the rules to post a link to my blog.
You are welcome to try my puzzle blog, it might interest you. Pleasant Puzzles

Simon Tatham’s Puzzles is an app (/collection of apps) available for Windows, Linux, and Android (and probably other platforms too). It generates puzzles like the arrow-maze that was earlier in this contest, sudoku, and lots of other types of puzzles. Towers and Unequal are my current favourites.