Missed a puzzle? You can still solve the expired ones!

https://community.rapyd.net/c/hack-the-galaxy/challenges-archived/42 is where we keep all the expired puzzles. So play on!


Do we still get points or tickets for it?

The only way to get points is by entering the solution at https://hackthegalaxy.dev – and you can only enter the current puzzle solution. So you can solve for fun - but do keep in mind that if you solve all the puzzles there is what we are calling a meta-puzzle (Puzzle 10) which is worth 20 points #hack-the-galaxy:official-rules So having the answers to all the puzzles will help solve the final Puzzle 10 for Mission Period 1. Good Luck!

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Hey, is there meant to be a new puzzle every week day? not seeing a new one yet today

Great question! But no, there is not a new puzzle every day. Please look at the #hack-the-galaxy:official-rules for a schedule of when puzzles will be posted. Thanks for asking.

Thank you! I’ll give my brain a day off today