Puzzle Schedule and Announcements?

Hello all, just joined in a few days ago from a Google ad I saw and was super stoked to solve the latest puzzle.

I get that the main focus of the forum is not actually to solve puzzles and give away prizes, however solving that was the most fun I’ve had with problem-solving for a while and I’m eager for more.

From the countdown on the main page, I had expected that new puzzles would be posted since Check Your Instruments. Is there anywhere that the schedule of puzzle releases is or will be published, and are notifications sent out in any form (say e-mail) when a new one comes along?

You can see all the future puzzle start and end dates and times on the Puzzle Rules page. Here, Hack the Galaxy Full Contest Rules - Hack the Galaxy


Good question. All I know is that it’s a few times per week. I just keep checking daily.