When does Hack the Galaxy take place?

Hack the Galaxy is a series of events that takes place throughout 2022. Multiple puzzles are published each week in the Rapyd Developer Community starting June 7.

Each puzzle you solve earns you one or more entries into the next drawing for a ticket to space and other prizes. Some puzzles earn more than one entry. The harder the puzzle, the more entries you get for solving it. The hardest puzzles can earn you up to 20 entries.

There will be three drawings for tickets to the edge of space throughout the year, plus ten drawings for other prizes.

Drawings take place on or around:
July 6, 2022
August 29, 2022
October 10, 2022

There are also 3 hackathons throughout the year that give you additional opportunities to win tickets to the edge of spaces plus over a million dollars in cash, prizes and trips. Visit the events page to check out our upcoming hackathons.

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