What is Hack the Galaxy?

Hack the Galaxy is a series of challenges, puzzles, hackathons and events to win real tickets to ride to space in a private Space Perspective capsule launching in 2026. To participate, you must join the Rapyd Developer community. Then solve the current Hack the Galaxy puzzle posted in the community. The answer to each puzzle is a password that unlocks one or more entries into the next drawing for tickets to space and other prizes. Enter the solution at www.hackthegalaxy.dev/solve/ to see if you’ve hacked the puzzle and earned a chance to win.

The more puzzles you solve, the more chances you have to win in the next drawing. Puzzles get more difficult and earn you more entries as we get closer to the prize drawing. So join the Rapyd Developer Community today and start solving your way to the stratosphere.

The next mission ends July 3rd, 2022.

Check out the full rules and details.

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