Thoughts on Puzzle 42: Paradigm Shift

Someone had to make the thread… why not me?

Entry period for this puzzle is October 3 - October 7. Good luck to all!


The text of the clues on the webpage says, for one of the ‘Down’ clues, “5. More surgery”. The image shows “5. More sugary”. Believe the second clue: More sugary.


Heyyyyy I know it’s a little early, but has anyone else gotten an answer that surely seems like it has to be right but that wasn’t accepted on the answer page?

Edit: omg just kidding I figured out what I did wrong (but I can’t believe I did it twice?!)

Similar issue with 48 across. Posted text is “Harness for coupling exam” when it should say “Harness for coupling oxen”.


Autocorrecting will be the end of us all🤣

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This was a fun one. Too bad it’s the last one ;(

Yes, got the answer, accepted by entry. This one was fun, tough but not too tough.


This one was satisfying but pretty easy, compared to some. I generally found the word puzzles significantly easier than the number ones.

Am I doing something wrong? It said correct answer, complete form but no form to complete??

add blocker maybe. .

Maybe, worked this time…now I am having trouble with answer to meta puzzle! Will try reopening page!

Did that and it worked fine. Going to miss these puzzles.