Thoughts on Puzzle 29

Hi! I didn’t see any topic about puzzle 29, so… I thought I’d make one. How did it go for you?
P. S. Am I the only non-native speaker who aways has trouble with these kinds of clues? :grimacing:

Nope, I’m also non-native. This time it went really well, Still missing two letters, but got answer anyway.

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I saw the puzzle image, but haven’t tried it yet. I think I’ll skip the interim puzzles this time, and will solve only the upcoming mission puzzles.

I found some clues harder than in the previous puzzles, and even if I solved it I still don’t have the answer to all of them. (I’m a non-native speaker too)

I’ve deduced the puzzle’s solution with only five letters, and it took me about 4 hours to do so. (1 hour yesterday, 3 hours today)

Yeah, I also found it more difficult than usual. I managed to get all the clues, but it wasn t easy. It’s sad that it has only 1 point, but… Still better use of my time than youtube scrolling.

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The puzzle was fun! Although, I believe there is a slight error in the clue about the female discoverer. Won’t go into details here to avoid spoilers. It’s still solvable though!

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I’m also a non-native speaker but I thesaurused my way through the last couple of puzzles. That’s allowed right?

Curious about your slight error. Your comment made me look again. Still didn’t see an error cause it worked out for me.


I also think there’s an error. Not all elements named after people have been discovered by those people.


I hope, ‘Cus that’ s the only way I managed to do it untill now

The comment below explains it! Not every element named after someone is discovered by that someone. :slight_smile:

I guessed it on the first day with 4 missing letters (one was obvious though) and even after, I couldn’t get the clues.

Today I looked at it again and now noticed that the “old” ones are in alphabetical order :sweat_smile: didn’t take me much after that, but before it was definitely a struggle.

The misleading element clue didn’t help lol

Ok, got it, named after vs discovered.