How did everyone go with puzzle 15?

I thought it was quite hard at first as some of the topics I was very unfamiliar with like the olympians lol

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hi there ! it was the letter transfer 10 letter word, rt ? I got it but it says its inccorect ! did it give you trouble? it was fun.

Yeah. I got it too. Just keeps saying incorrect

Most of the topics had max 12 words, I wrote them down and stared at the letters for a while… Got most of the answers like that. Had a lot of fun too

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Extremely easy, but fun nonetheless. Took me approximately 15 mins.

@Catchgrab There’s no problem with the /solve form, check your solution.


it was a strange word, dont think it was one but I did not look it up

Nice work bro… you got video evidence haha lol

I am personally way too excited for the next puzzle!!! Whats everyone doing for the hack part 2 if anyone here is doing it

Use (or build yourself) an anagram solver. For instance, use the Merriam-Webster dataset as a vocabulary base.

You can recursively set such a tool to use subsets of characters.

As a matter of fact I was planning to record the solving process for each puzzle, first hand, but I doubt that the creators of this contest would appreciate me posting the results on YouTube. It would probably bring a lot of hits, but it would be disrespectful in my opinion.

Well I guess it would be ok if you released it after the puzzle finished

Dang, I only caught word of this a little bit ago, and I got through puzzles 13 and 14 easy enough, but this one stumped me, I only got 5 of them

At least you tried haha