Thoughts on Puzzle 32 : Inbox

It was nice, quite annoying sometimes, did 7 out of 9 and got the answer. With one, I’ve got the item, but couldn’t figure out the topic of this grid.

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I did all the grids but still entered an incorrect solution because I used the wrong order for the extra letters. Was wondering why it was gibberish lol. A fun one.


I managed to find all themes and words. This one was relatively easy.


This one was very fun! I’ve almost got all of them, but I’m stuck on the second one down in the right column… Some funky letter arrangements, it seems like it should be clear what goes together but I’m stumped so far!

Oop just kidding, I figured it out! Took way more Internet searching than it probably should have in retrospect :sweat_smile:

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got all the box answers, but sadly during submission of answer, im getting WRONG ANSWER, only to find out i misspelled of the 9 letters

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This was a fun puzzle. Very creative! I had to think outside the box…well boxes lol. Great exercise for the brain! I am enjoying this platform and community!

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Oh my god the puzzle just expired? :frowning: but i thought the new puzzle wasn’t due yet!

I had 7 letters and seven boxes solved, but I haven’t been able to find the solution, neither to solve the last two boxes in time :sweat_smile: