Thoughts on Puzzle 35: Space Pack

A nice puzzle.
I’m pretty sure I got the correct solution, but it doesn’t accept it as a correct answer for some reason

Bit too easy this one, but the only obvious answer was accepted first time for me


answer accepted for me as well. But for some reason i stooped receiving confirmation e-mails that i have solved the puzzle. 3rd time in a row I’m not getting it. Nothing in spam folder i checked.

That’s weird, I got a confirmation email from this one, but it made me realize that I hadn’t been getting confirmation emails for a while before that… Anyone else here experienced inconsistency with the confirmation emails?

Yes, I received an email this time too, but it has not been systematic.
I have received confirmation emails for about half of the puzzles (solved all of them since puzzle 2).

I’m disappointed as the whole puzzle took me less than 5 mins. compared to the previous one it was huge difference in difficulty. I hope it is simply because it is first in series for mission period.

Yes, I received confirmation mail. I have received all off them. I don’t think there were any gaps


I received confirmation e-mail too.

I’m not sure why some folks aren’t receiving confirmation emails. FWIW, I have always received them.
On another note, whilst today’s puzzle was probably the easiest I’ve seen so far in the competition, it’s worth noting that these first few puzzles are only open for 24hrs, so don’t dilly-dally.

The schedule:


super easy, barely an inconvenience.
I also got all of the confirmation mails except for the 20 points puzzle
when I didn’t get, I re-entered the solution (after hard reload) and then got the mail

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I’ve never received a confirmation email, don’t even know that’s a thing and I’ve done 9 puzzles… Were my answers just never registered in the system

This puzzle was indeed super easy! But I tried to solve the last one for three days, so I’m glad we have an easy one now haha.

Also, I never had problems with the reception of the confirmation mails and got them all.

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Easy, it took little time.

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I too was quite surprised, took 5min to get the words and fall into place.

I feel stupid. Everyone is saying this one is easy but it seems like there is endless possibilities of what the answer could be!! Any tips would be greatly appreciated

Only two or 3 might have several possibilities, but several have a first thought answer to the clue. Try the most obvious first, Google some, then fit the remaining.

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Oof, I logged in today to try Monday’s puzzle - Had no idea that we were doing one puzzle a day this week…

I am mainly having trouble with how to put them on the grid. I know its expired now but id still like to figure it out. Any small hint on fitting it into the grid? I tried 3 different strategies so far and got nowhere ugh!!

There are two ways of putting results into table and they are symetric at diagonal. So if the first word would be ABCD it could be either first across or first down.

Sorry, this post was marked for moderation. Apparently I gave too much information.
You will have to figure it out yourself.

I gotcha thanks so much! I mat message u again when I’m done to see if it’s correct lol

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