Should we get emails after solving?


I noticed that the recent interim puzzles send you an email once you have solved the puzzles. However, back in Mission 1 for “Horizontal and Vertical Adjustment” and “Putting it all together”, i solved both of these but did not get an email for either. Did anyone else get and email? These puzzles ran from June 27th to July 4th.


Thanks @SpacePanda, no you won’t get an email after solving the puzzle.

You should only get the confirmation messages on the site.

This question was also answered here: Will I get an email confirming I submitted the correct solution at

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That is weird because I am getting emails now.

We have set up “success” emails to help however the message on-screen that you get after successfully or unsuccessfully putting in your answer is what to keep in mind.

We have heard from players that they want an email confirmation but some try to do multiple entries before the email goes out and it can slow or break the workflow. So we are trying to implement an email – but it is secondary as a means of confirmation of what you see on your screen. Hope that helps.