Shopify Plugin not working

Hey guys,

So. The Shopify plugin does not work in production mode. But it does in test-mode. The accounts are both approved and ready, the plugins are activated and the respective keys for production and sandbox are added. But it does not work. I fear there is a big error in the plugin OR something is not communicated properly.

I have written their support yesterday, but it is not resolved 24 hours after and now it’s weekend coming up which means the webshops have no functioning payment gateway. Have you experienced this before?

You can try it yourself at where it’s tRapyd as gateway (name is modified to β€œCard Payments” but it is Rapyd Payments.

As stated, it works in testmode but not production.

Hey @Team_NoPayn, are you still having issues? I will also see if I can find out the status of our support team if it is still open. Thanks for letting us know here in the developer community. I will help if I can.

Hey Drew.

Yes they fixed it in the support, so all good now. :muscle: I believe it was API related.

Thanks for the feedback.

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Glad to hear it is all good now.