Getting error in production

Getting this error when using Production Credentials

"body": {
      "status": {
        "error_code": "UNAUTHENTICATED_API_CALL",
        "status": "ERROR",
        "message": "access_key header is not valid",
        "response_code": "UNAUTHENTICATED_API_CALL",
        "operation_id": "692ed239-6cfb-41f9-b9d6-d82851daa5d6"

Sorry if I’m stating the obvious, but are you using production credentials in the production environment? If so, then I would need to see the request that generated this.

Yeah, I solve that there is some silly mistake anyway thanks @CharlesDorsett for your help. But now I am getting another problem in production as when request the API to get the payment method types sorted by country it is giving empty data.

Ah - that’s another easy one. In production, you need to specifically enable the payment methods you want to use. You do this in the Client Portal. Set the toggle so that you are looking at production (not sandbox) and navigate to Settings > Payment Methods. I’m not sure but I think you have to be the account owner to do this.

If you are working on the hackathon, you should only concentrate on the sandbox for everything.

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Thanks @CharlesDorsett I am working on the hackathon but just trying to integrate the real payment to make more sense.

Your whole effort should be aimed at your 5-minute video, which will be demonstrating your project as it works in the sandbox. Every minute you spend trying to make things work in production will be valuable time that you are not spending towards winning. After you win, of course you will want to make your app work in production, and we are here to help you with that. But first, win!