Not getting card payment methods in SG in production

Trying to get payment methods present in SG using this endpoint


In case of sandbox environment, I’m getting 19 payment methods which includes all 5 methods that I want - “sg_debit_mastercard_card”, “sg_credit_mastercard_card”, “sg_debit_visa_card”, “sg_credit_visa_card”, “sg_amex_card”

But in the case of a production environment, I’m only getting 7 payment methods. Out of which, there are 0 card payment methods.

[EDIT 1]
Environment - Sandbox
I checked on Rapyd Dashboard → Settings → Payment Methods
Added a filter for Singapore.
It’s showing all the card payments available.

Environment - Production
It’s showing 0 card payment methods.

Do, we need to activate the card payment methods from somewhere? If yes then please help me in doing so.

Hi @GermaVinsmoke have you submitted your account activation requirements? Activating Your Account (KYB)

Yes. This is completed.
We’ve contacted the support team for adding the payment methods.

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Awesome – glad it is getting resolved.

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So, we’ve been in touch with the support team and the’re saying

Good day. Please note that we are working with the relevant stakeholder to activate the card channel. The process might take up to a few weeks

It’s been already 6 days and now saying few weeks. Why is it taking that much time in activating the payment methods? And why isn’t it even mentioned in the docs that one needs to activate those with the help of support team.
It’s just wasting our time, nothing else.
Disappointed with this kind of service provided by Rapyd.

Ticket no - 00119807

I want someone to take action on this urgently.

Hi @GermaVinsmoke, there are a couple callouts here on this Payment / Payout Method Types page.

As far as timing, KYB (Account Activation) reviews are being made constantly to get client accounts approved. At the same time, different payment methods may require different types of onboarding behind the scenes with local entities.

From your post above, it looks like you have submitted, great job!

If you have been already approved (for account activation not the payment method), congrats! You may have had time to develop everything in Sandbox, and ready for Production. I have followed up with your ticket number to support. You can reply directly to your ticket thread or email with support.

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