Some supported countries (for collection) do not have any payment method

Hi I was trying to get the payment methods for several countries by following the steps described below:

Create a free Rapyd Client Portal Account to view individual payment types supported for accepting and disbursing payments in every country. After you create an account:

  1. Log into the client portal, then toggle on the sandbox switch at the bottom of the left-hand menu.
  2. Select Settings from the left-hand menu.
  3. Select Payment Methods.

Several supported countries (for payments) do not have any payment method, this is what I get for Argentina:

How can I accept payments from countries without any supported payment method ?

Thanks @mest,

I believe you may be looking in Production Mode.

This is restricted especially if you haven’t been fully KYB Approved yet.

If you switch to Sandbox Mode you will be able to see all of the payment methods.

Hi Kyle, thanks for your support.

My account has been approved.
I can’t see the payment in both production an sandbox modes:

Specifically for Argentina, I believe there are only cash payment methods so you if you do choose cash they should be there.

If your account is approved, I would definitely recommend submitting a ticket with any questions.

You can select any or all countries to see what payment methods are available for those categories.

You can also go to the advanced option in production to see the payment method type listed.

Hi, I can see the cash methods for Argentina, but I can’t see any cards payment.

I can’t see any method at all for several countries listed as supported on the Rapyd website (Cambodia, Bangladesh, Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan…)

Hi @mest, it looks like there are no card payment methods for Argentina. If they are not in Sandbox, then Rapyd would not offer those payment methods at this time.

These listed are not supported countries, you can refer to the Get Started page.

What country is your business registered in?

Our business is registered in the UK.

I meant the list of supported countries as listed on the public website

Yes, it looks like accept payments does not specify on that page if it either card / cash / bank transfer, etc. so Argentina would still accept cash payments.

And what about all the other countries that do not have any payment method ?

Can you check from your side if you can see any ?

HI Kyle, I hope you are doping well.
Any update about this issue…

How can we get payments from the countries that are listed as supported but do not have any payment method ?

Hi @mest, payments from countries that are listed but you do not have access to can be requested in the Client Portal.

As I did share before, if a country is listed on that page, (e.g. Argentina) it doesn’t specify card, cash, or bank transfer so you will need to look at each category in Client Portal.

Also you did mention that you were approved, that would be you are working in production right now? I would again suggest you submit a ticketin the Client Portal.