On Sandbox env, PHP country code not giving visa, master cards

Hi Community,

I am integrating rapyd payment gateway using CARD payment method for INDIA and PHILIPPINES region. I was exploring the api: ‘{{base_uri}}/payment_methods/country?country=PH’ for available payment methods for these regions, so for INDIA I am getting card payment methods, but not for PHILIPPINES. But on the website it shows card payment options for both the countries.

I was using the Postman collection present in the ‘First API call’ section.
Please reach out ASAP as I am pretty stuck right now.


Hi Vishal_Vashist,
Welcome to the Rapyd developer community!
There are currently no card payment methods for PH. Please elaborate on your use case, as there may be a workaround for it.


HI Legato,
Thanks for your response. My use case is I want my Philippines App user to make Credit/Debit card payments, so I was searching of the available payment methods by ‘PH’ region, so I did not get the cards in that, so raised the query for the same. We basically switched to Rapyd payment method from Xendit as it supports great features but now when we started implementing Rapyd, we got to know there are no CARD methods available for ‘PH’

Thanks, Vishal_Vashist. Please contact Rapyd support directly for more details on production account cross border payment options, which may be suitable for your use case.

Hope this helps.