Different currencies in production vs sandbox?

It seems there are different currencies enabled in production and sandbox, why is this?

Hi Adam,
Sandbox shows all the potential possibilities, while production mode shows what is currently available to you for currencies and payment types. I believe to get what’s in Sandbox turned on in Production you need to contact support. Someone else hopefully can confirm this.

I’ll expand as I didn’t provide enough information: When in sandbox mastercard and visa (as seen in the video I linked to by my colleague) only have 4 currencies enabled: USD, EUR, GBP and the countrys own currency (DKK in the video), however when in production it seems a majority or all currencies are available. Why is this?

@Mosko @shivas Can one of you guys shed some light on this follow-up question?

The sandbox is a simulator. While it shows many more payment methods (and payout methods), they are simpler than what you can use in production. If you have a specific need, please contact Client Support.