Sandbox vs live mode for Rapyd Payment testing

I want to know the things I should keep in mind while writing up code and testing it in both live and sandbox mode. Currently I am using all the payment category types like CARD, bank redirect, ewallets. For sandbox mode I got the link to keep things in mind while testing the payment API. here is the link for it which i referred

But in this link the details mentioned are for only CARD. so is it mean for bank_redirect and ewallets nothing to keep in mind like amount n all?

and I couldnot find for live mode. DO i need to keep in mind some checks for live mode too?

Currently I am using rapyd for INDIA region.

Hi Vishal_Vashist,
In the sandbox you can simulate the completion of payment methods such as ‘bank_redirect’ via the Complete Payment request. The page for this link also explains its usage.

Production environments (“live mode”) include actual connections to third parties so there is no need for simulations.


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