Help Needed To Get Started

I have opened a new account. For some unknown reason to me, I can not get started. I do not have a screen to get started I am missing the toggle to switch from production to sand box. I can not give my kyb because there is no activation tab. I have reached out to the website support with no Please advise asap because I am ready to use your service. Thank you!
Monica (Money Penny)

HI, @MONEYPENNY thanks for the question.

What are you wanting to build with our API? Or are you wanting to use Rapyd as a Plugin?

Do you have a project built and have been using Sandbox and now need to go to production?

You will need to wait for someone from support to get back to you to talk and get some information and let you know an outcome. Doc.

If you want to share what you are working on with the community here, that is awesome! We always like hearing about what people are building with Rapyd.

Welcome to the community!


Hello Drew. Thanks for getting back to me. I am an artist that has paintings, sculptures and drawing that I sell to client both in American and over seas. I need a platform that will allow me to receive payments. I am not sure if I want to use a plug in. I have not done anything in the sandbox because I need help navigating. I want to provide my kyb but my account does not give me access to “get started”. You are the first human to contact me. (Smile) I am ready to learn and conduct business. Thank you for the doc but I have read it already. Please advise why I do not have the access. Thank you!!

Unfortunately, the community doesn’t have access to any back office systems for compliance reasons, so you must wait for the support or sales team to return your emails on the KYB. If you want to integrate into a payment provider such as Rapyd, here are some resources that may help.

Getting Started Playlist

Good luck with your art business, and let us know what you build, and you can share here with other developers your application.