How to activate my account?

Does anyone know how to pass the KYB verification? Rapyd itself tells me that I need to go to the “Activate account” tab, but I simply don’t have it.

Hey @vishnevskiy, welcome to the Rapyd Developer Community.

From the screenshot you provided, I see it states that someone (Rapyd) will be in touch with you soon on your request. If you have already submitted a request, then the account activation UI may be hidden, since you already have submitted a request. Other times, the activation steps may be hidden if your initial request is under review by the compliance team.

I know this may not fully answer your question regarding account activation, but this community is more for developers building applications using the Rapyd API and who want to talk with other developers about fintech.

The community here would be interested to know what you are building with the Rapyd API, and if you have any advice for other developers, feel free to post here in the community.