Locating the Plugin Keys

Find the Access and Secret key for your plugins.

To use any plug-in you need to activate it and insert credentials.

There are unique credentials for each plugin and each environment

Each plugin and each environment has its own keys (access key and secret key). For example, the Rapyd plugin for Shopify has one set of keys for the Sandbox environment and one set for Production.

Note: For any plugin (except Wix), you must activate your account in sandbox before you activate it for production.

To switch between the two environments, click the toggle, as shown in the following image:


To get the credentials for the environment you selected, do the following:

  1. Sign in to the Rapyd Client Portal.
  2. Go to Plugins → [Your specific plugin] → Access Key and Secret Key .

Rapyd’s online documentation contains detailed instructions to complete your integration. Click the link for the marketplace you want to install Rapyd’s plugin on.