Puzzle 15: Transfers - Possible mistake in the example?

Hi, I’ve solved Puzzle 15 (Transfers) and I think that there is mistake in the example - I think that there is a spare “E” in “AXELED”.
The actual word for the definition should have those letters A,E,L,D (only one E)
Am I missing something?


I had the same thought. I am imagining it is in fact a mistake.


Yeah, it’s a mistake. I ignored that and was still able to solve the puzzle. There are no more mistakes in the words that you need to find in the puzzle.
Although I wasn’t able to find the word pairs for Olympians and Rivers but was able to figure out the word pairs for all the other 8 categories.


I totally agree. Its’ too bad that the example has a mistake, since it supposed to guide us as to how to solve the puzzle.
The rivers are in Europe :wink:


Ah good eyes, I didn’t even know there was a mistake

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