Possible Mistake in Puzzle 21: Earth Travel

I think that in item #4 the number of letters doesn’t match the word inside (Already solved the puzzle)


Yep, seems so. It should be 9 letters.


Yes, there is a mistake. But you can simply skip the last letter of the word, it doesn’t change the final answer

Is it possibile that it has been changed? I didn’t notice any problem.

Still there, should be 9 letters instead of 8

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Right :sweat_smile: maybe an author has different language options, like me lol.

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Glad I saw this, thought I had miscounted.

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I was going crazy and left it for last.

Is there any connection between the images and the country?

Yeah, same here. But it didn’t affect the answer any, so it should be fine.

The hungarian version of that city is written with 8 letters only


Is it just me or is there a mistake in the puzzle? I’m stuck getting a four letter country with a nine letter capital, but they only give eight cells to fill in for the capital…

It’s alright, just skip the last letter of the capital

Yes I saw the mistake too, but is just guessed the answer because there is no way on this green earth it’s the other word instead of the real word; so it’s all good; but I believe it will be tougher for most! Hope everyone gets the answer!